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We are in the market since 1996

YITAP Is Leading Adhesive Tape Manufacture In China On Pass 27 Years, Manufacture Start From 1996. One Of The Main Product Is Masking Tape, YITAP Provide Different Kind Of Masking Tape For Different Industry.
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20 Years Sales Experience
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Advice The Best Solution For Your Case
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Even Different Time Zone, Sales Stand By All The Time
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Long History Family Business, Still surviving

100% Quality Guarantee!

Provide Premium Auto Masking Tape

Full Auto Solution

Not Only For Masking Tape, But Including Fine Line Tape, D/S Tape

Why Choose Us

25 Years Professional Manufacture Provide Premium Quality Tape, OEM/ODM Private Label Service Available.

1. Competitive Price

Due To Years Mass Production, Winning Raw Material Competitive Cost. Factory Direct Sale Saving Your Cost.

2. Premium Quality

Rich Global Sales Experience , Our Masking Tape Fit Your Market.

3. Customer Service

20 Years International Sales Experience, Assisting Your Order From production till shippment.

4. Offer Private Label

Low MOQ To Put Your Brand Logo On The Tape.

We Produce Various Tape, One Of Main Product Masking Tape. Alternative Choice of 3M/IPG/TESA.

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YITAP Produce Professional Tape

25 Years Professional Tape Manufacture Provide Factory Directly Wholesales, Global Shipping, With Expert Adhesive Tape Solution.


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